Everything is Dolphins

by Ray Weiss

77 pgs

Everything is Dolphins is a role playing game hovering somewhere between side scroller video game, talking animal fairy tale, and triptastic fun.  It's a pen and paper RPG that you play at a table, not a computer RPG - don't be confused.  It's also an art book with work by a selection of high and low and elsewhere artists. 

Includes artwork by Tarn Adams, Alejandra Alarcón

Jordan Bernier, Robert Bjurshagen, YaYa Chou, Joy Drury Cox, Caitlin Cunningham, Dame Darcy, Gretzky, Ellen Grossman, Wonder Koch, Charles Loving, Sean McCarthy, Alba Castaño Menéndez, Kayo Nakamura, Christine Nguyen, Casey Jex Smith, Elizabeth Stevens, Leslie Winchester

Printed in the USA

“Excellent work...especially fun to see the original source material...”

                -Erol Otus,

artist and author

"...the approach taken here – presenting the original handwritten notes and play materials, and then doing an exegesis of the text and the visions it’s inspired in others – is a promising model for how to publish lost RPG projects like Robert Kuntz’s Kalibruhn or Dave Arneson’s Bluemoor notebooks without losing the historical value under a layer of polish."

                 -Tavis Allison,

contributor to The Mule Abides

“The streamlined mechanics, sidescrolling play, and quirky-yet-compelling character concept should grab experienced and potential gamers alike. It’s easy and fun.”

                 -David Maddux,


“Whether you appreciate it as a beautiful art book, or enjoy throwing yourself into a fascinating game, Everything is Dolphins will stimulate your imagination, encourage your creativity, and likely seep those telepathic dolphins in your dreamworld.”

     -Timothy Wyllie,

author of The Helianx Proposition or the Return of the

Rainbow Serpent, and Dolphins, ETs, & Angels


“Oh my god, you people really are insane, aren’t you?”

                -Brian Boucher, associate editor and news

editor, Art in America


PlaGMaDA t-shirt

A cobwebbed d20, lines in silver foil over glittering rainbow stripes, printed on a grey Canvas brand shirt. Available in Small to XL.  The ink colorings may vary between shirts. 

Ken St. Andre;

Game Proposals & Fiction Studies

by Ken St. Andre

estimated 88 pages



Ken St. Andre is the creator of Tunnels & Trolls and numerous other role playing games, and enjoyed a long career writing computer games including the cult classic Wasteland.  This book presents two in-depth computer game proposals by Mr. St. Andre which never saw development, Aztecs and Liberty Heroes.  Both are complex, sophisticated games that are simultaneously ahead of their time and very distinctly of their time. 

The book also includes notes and studies for fantasy fiction by the author.  In his notebooks he lists and describes tropes and stereotypes of the genre, then builds a thorough system for the random generation of story plots through the lens of a game maker. 

The original manuscripts are reproduced in the book, transcriptions are included of the handwritten pages. 

Dolphin t-shirt

An airbrushed dolphin stencil on a light blue t-shirt.  Dolphin colors will vary, but are guaranteed to be slightly trippy and keeping within the spirit of Everything is Dolphins.  This is a hand-painted shirt, expect things to be off-register, slightly spattered, and in general perfectly imperfect.  Available in Small to XL.